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At the moment, I’m doing all the cooking. This means I plan the menus, write the shopping list, make sure we get the right things at the market. M just makes his choice each night.

Each day, M says, ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ And I recite a list of options. But each day this week I’ve mentioned the green lentil and scrambled egg soup last, because I know that M doesn’t want to eat it.

‘Sounds yuck,’ he says. I tried to explain that although this dish ‘sounds yuck,’ it’s likely to be quite yummy, as it’s also made with green chilli, onion, garlic, olive oil, coriander, cream, allspice, saffron and lemon. And the recipe’s from Greg Malouf’s ‘Arabesque’.

Still M was not convinced. He avoided the dish all week. I made it Friday night. He stayed out drinking.

Sure, scrambled egg in lentil soup may not sound that appetising. But, when you think about it, many successfully use eggs in soup: Greeks (fisherman’s soup with egg and lemon), Chinese (the classic tomato and scrambled agg soup) and the Japanese (egg broken over stock and udon).

It’s actually a great idea. The colours of the soup (pictured) aren’t brilliant, but it tastes damn good. The coriander’s fresh from the garden.