April 29, 2007



April 29, 2007

I finally cracked it and bought these scales. All these years of cooking — no scales.

From London American Supply Stores (Elizabeth St, just down from the markets), these scales are the middle-class version ($49.95). There were $140 digital scales, which must be for those home chefs who are confused and think they’re actually running a kitchen. Then there’re fancy-coloured yuppie scales ($65), which are designed to match Kitchen Aids. The yuppy scales do the same thing as my middle-class scales but look better. Of course, there is a working-class version ($18), designed for those who are broke and too scared to bake a birthday cake without them.

April 25, 2007

Fried vermicelli

April 25, 2007

This fried vermicelli — with crunchy bean curd skins, shiitake mushrooms, French beans, carrot, Chinese cabbage and gluten — is, I suddenly realised…vegan.

And, considering all I had this afternoon was 1 Bacardi Breezer + 1 packet of chips, I have had a completely vegan half-day. By accident.

Today I took S to Rose Garden (on Elizabeth St), possibly the best place in Melbourne for BBQ pork noodle soup. He thought his soup was quite good but, because he’s such a bogan, says openly: “I’m usually pretty impressed by whatever I eat. The noodle soup in Chinatown always keeps me pretty happy.”

S is such a bogan that , last night, he went drag racing. I didn’t ask where.


April 23, 2007

I’ve just found out that I am going to Shanghai in the next few weeks. Ostensibly, it’s for work. In reality, though, it’s an opportunity for a sneaky cooking course and, of course, detailed food research.

I promise a full report.

Incidentally, M is well.