Hands down, out-and-out winner

June 5, 2007


This is the best street food I’ve had in Shanghai. I don’t mean to trivialise the earlier xiaolongbao experience, but these babies are superior simply because they are fried.

Very similar to the xiaolongbao — dumpling-like, steamed, with hot, soupy stock secreted inside. And damn crunchy along the bottom.

All the other people around me were on their own, too. As if you just nip in here for a quick fix when no one’s looking. Everyone else skilfully slurped up the dumpling sauce before munching through the dumpling skin. I made much more mess.

3 Responses to “Hands down, out-and-out winner”

  1. Phil Says:

    i love the idea of popping out for a cheeky serve of fried dumplings. wish that london was a bit more like shanghai.

  2. donna Says:

    doushao tien? (im learning how to order food)

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